Meet The Bachelors

Wondering why there are no photos? We decided to try something different and let attendees decide not solely by looks (although the lot of bachelors selected come from 'good genes' of all varieties), but personality.

Of course on the night, bachelor photos will appear in the event program for your viewing pleasure and as a keepsake of this memorable night out.

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FYI: This is an example of the New Zealand based bachelors who participated in the 2012 event that range in age from 25 to 50. Now on the lookout for the Detroit 2014 bachelor line-up!

#1 Stanley's Bio
As an active young bachelor, he has a few moves when it comes to Aussie Rules after making the NZ team this past year. While more the sporty and outgoing type that hopes to find someone who shares the same interests, his portfolio of activities is not limited to sport. Also, you may just need to know how to use chopsticks with Chinese being his favourite food, but this is not a deal breaker. If you have a sense a humour, you won’t have a problem.
#1 Stanley's Date

It is a ‘Chinese New Year Festival Day Tour’ where this lucky date winner will be escorted around the various events that are occurring for Chinese New Year’s on the 12th of February. This involves trying various foods at the Asian market and possibly going to the street parade or the cultural entertainment afterwards. NB: An alternate date will be planned if not available on the 12th of February.
#2 Conor's Bio

From the shores of Galway, this care-free guy has a keen interest in exploring the open waters whether by sailing and freediving or on land by dining on the local crayfish. He is hoping that one of you may capture his attention this evening with an inviting smile or fantastic dance moves. If not dancing, walking is his top choice of favourite escapes.
#2 Conor's Date

For the equestrian spirit, escape to the country and enjoy a horse trekking date in the relaxed setting of the Ohariu Valley along with a homely meal at the nearby Saddleback Cafe.

Sponsored by: Country Club Riding Academy & Saddleback Cafe
#3 Jason's Bio
If not in Wellington, he is looking beyond the limits of earth with childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, but we will leave it up to you to ask him more. When commuting to town, it is not by foot but motorcycle that he gets around. A true ‘nerdy girl’ who likes to laugh is his ideal, but don’t just think cleverness will win the affection of this funny and caring guy, you may win him over with a mouth-watering roast pork that of course crackles ;-)
#3 Jason's Date
This date starts off meeting at Logan Brown for lunch, followed by a motorcycle ride around some scenic roads in the Wellington region. After this, Jason will drop you off for a pampering at a beauty spa and pick you up again to go for a champagne picnic at the Wellington Botanic Gardens, ending the date with a planetarium show at the Carter Observatory. Sponsored by: Logan Brown, Carter Observatory & Major Tomms Suit Hire
#4 Daniel D.'s Bio

A family man at heart, this South Island native enjoys his kids and time spent with extended family and friends. In other settings he finds pleasure in music of the electronica, disco and jazz genre. To stay mind and body fit, reading and Aikido are top on the list. There is no doubting that if you are someone who is smart yet sexy, can laugh at yourself and has a willingness to try new things, then Dan may be looking for you.
#4 Daniel D.'s Date
Why just go out for a meal in a fancy restaurant on this date when you can learn how to cook one? You will get the evening started with coffee and conversation on Cuba Street before heading off to an evening class at the Asiana Cooking School. You’ll have some hands-on fun learning to cook something exotic and delicious before eating it. Finally if things are going well you’ll head over to Matterhorn or Hashigo Zake cult beer bar for a quiet nightcap and see where the night takes you!
#5 Brian's Bio
A passionate and genuine guy, he quotes this philosophy, ‘You can always find faults in other people, yet instead of finding the faults, try to find something you can connect with.’ Outside of work, he takes pleasure in snowboarding and fly fishing with mates. Friends say this singleton originally from South Africa is looking for someone who likes the road less travelled. If this is you, then you just may enjoy the company of someone who is gregarious and funny all 7 days of the week.
#5 Brian's Date

A trip over the Rimutaka Hill to wine country is where you will be if lucky enough to win this date with Brian. Enjoy a bit of a wine tasting tour within the Martinborough region along with lunch at one of these fantastic vineyards before heading back to the city life.
#6 Jaz's Bio
This bachelor enjoys the pleasures of the great outdoors divided between the ocean and the mountains with kite surfing, diving, kayaking, snowboarding and more recently hiking and running. There is no hiding that his match must love the outdoors, but he still knows how to relax indoors. For instance, cooking something fresh from the ocean washed down with a chilled wine or a cold beer is pure bliss with someone who has a sense of humour and displays compassion.
#6 Jaz's Date
Combining his love of food and the outdoors, on one of those ‘can't beat Wellington days’, you’ll pack a picnic lunch prepared by Merkato Fresh into a kayak and head off to explore the beautiful Wellington Harbour (destination unknown). At a suitable spot or when hunger dictates you’ll stop to enjoy the picnic lunch before continuing on an exploration of the harbour, stopping for refreshments as required.
Sponsored by: Merkato Fresh
#7 Nigel's Bio

He enjoys exploring the backroads of NZ and exotic destinations such as Morocco, which just may be the source of inspiration behind this future architects work. A fan of Indie Rock, Mexican or Turkish food and David Attenborough documentaries, he is best known for his crazy dance moves. If you are fun-loving, sassy, intelligent and engaging, then take a chance on this creative gentleman.
#7 Nigel's Date

This fab date is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .

1. A romantic picnic dinner up Mount Victoria on (hopefully) a balmy Wellington summer evening

2. Cocktails at Ancestral

3. A good old fashion boogie at Nigel’s favourite Wellington bar, Mighty Mighty
#8 Ivan's Bio
This artist born in Kiev (google map it), has more recently had his art published in the Best of House 2011, which was a highlight of his year. While from overseas, he has spent half his life in Wellington.A great guy who enjoys art, psychology and history has quoted Socrates, ‘Be as you wish to seem.’He proclaims to have a few good comical stories to tell a listening ear, but if not up for laughter then maybe you can relax while listening to some relaxing music instead.
#8 Ivan's Date

Come have a relaxing day out in Wellington City. Begin with a ride around the water front and Oriental Parade on a two person crocodile bike. Then it is a spot of bouldering/rock climbing (not high) next to Waitangi Park. To finish off, some ice cream at Kaffee Eis. If time permits a personal pencil portrait of the date will also be included by this artist.
#9 Daniel J.'s Bio

A loyal and honest bloke from the ‘Naki aka: New Plymouth, he is looking for someone who is thoughtful, elegant and kind-hearted. It is no surprise then that he lives by the golden rule to treat others as you would like to be treated. When not managing on the job, tennis and motorsport are hobbies to entertain as is Italian or Indian food when dining out.
#9 Daniel J.'s Date

On this incredible date, journey to the sunny Wairarapa for the day to take in the beautiful rural scenery, explore vineyards, try some chocolate tasting at Schoc in Greytown, and maybe visit a beach or two. Within the day, you’ll be taking some time out for a relaxing lunch at Tirohana Estate.
#10 Shaun's Bio
A charismatic individual from South Africa, specifically Durban, he has come to live and play in Wellington. He has a zest for life and willingness to try everything the world has to offer. Among his array of interests are capoeira, yoga, hanging with the boys (and girls), reading, self-improvement and learning electronic music production. When looking to escape to a tamer lifestyle he heads to the mountains, waterfalls and warmer climates.
#10 Shaun's Date

For the adventurer or cowgirl in you, this date ventures to the Eastern Hills of Wellington for some great scenery and beautiful countryside by horseback. This includes a picnic at halftime prepared by yours truly.
#11 Gareth's Bio
An avid mountain biker, this passionate and articulate bachelor also enjoys a bit of retail therapy shopping fans. One can say that amongst other defining characteristics, he would rate his teeth and smile top notch as would the dentist who fixed that smile and recently retired;-) Someone who is fun, genuine, relaxed and will accept him for who he is would make a great partner. If looking for the perfect metrosexual, then you need apply.
#11 Gareth's Date

Go for a relaxing harbour cruise (or alternatively tenpin bowling if unkind weather) that will be followed by a meal at The Tap Haus or Strawberry Fair. You get to choose!
#12 Daniel M.'s Bio
A class act ginger and proud to be, this gentleman enjoys things that get the heart pumping. All he asks is that the women of his dreams is working and not on the doll. A simple and fair request from a fun and outgoing individual that lives by the philosophy, ‘Work hard and play harder.’ Nothing creates a better escape for him than going to the beach. Throw in a pizza or Sunday roast and you’ve got it made by Dan’s standards.
#12 Daniel M.'s Date

Are you ready for some high wire acts? You will start off the date with a trip out to Adrenalin Forest which will test even the best of thrill-seekers. Then it’s time to head into town for a walk round the waterfront to finish off the date with a beautiful lunch provided by Monsoon Poon.

Sponsored by: Monsoon Poon & Plumbing World
#13 Markos's Bio
If you don’t like Ouzo, this Athens, Greece native won’t hold it against you, but he does prefer fresh quality Mediterranean flavours in his food. As well, he embraces the outdoor lifestyle of surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. In the ideal partner, easygoing, intelligent, funny and outdoorsy are adjectives that come to mind. Summing up this fun and caring guy is the quote, ‘If your happy today, you’ll be happy forever; if you wait for tomorrow, you’ll be waiting forever.’
#13 Markos's Date
With this date you will head along to an Asiana Cooking lesson where you both will have the opportunity to learn how to cook a select recipe and then enjoy the fruits of your labour accompanied by a glass of wine and hopefully a bit of a laugh. Then, just in case you make a mess of cooking for yourselves, it’s off to Hippopotamus for a nice desert.

Sponsored by:
Wellington Osteopaths
#14 Paul's Bio
Who doesn’t like a guy whose strong-suit is patience! As well, he is someone who is flexible, dependable, enjoys some DIY and doesn’t sweat the small stuff in life. He definitely enjoys travelling and going off the beaten track, from rafting down the Grand Canyon to pub quizzes in Washington DC or hiking around Finland. With his next trip undecided, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to help in the decision. That is if you are a person with life balance and enjoy the new and exciting.
#14 Paul's Date
Meeting at 9:30am on a Saturday morning at the Wellington Visitor Information Centre, you will be taken on a culinary adventure and discover new places through food and wine. A guide will take you both on a food tour of Wellington where you’ll get to discover fresh tastes while going behind the scenes of some of Wellington’s specialty food places with your very own guide, tasting hidden culinary treasures and meeting people behind some of the city’s best food along the way.
#15 Mike's Bio

An account manager by trade who did a fair share of travelling before returning to his homeland of NZ, this bachelor is well-versed in the music scene and listens to anything, including pop! Tall, dark and solvent, he is just looking for someone who has a tertiary education;-)This is the bar set, so feel free to chat up the trail-running enthusiast who enjoys lamb and celebrates milestone birthdays in Ibiza.
#15 Mike's Date

If calm and fine (a big if in Wellington), then a ferry ride from the city to Days Bay in Eastbourne, then champagne picnic in the park or on the beach followed by a walk in the bush for the energetic.

If not calm and fine, then you’ll instead drive to a leisurely late lunch at Cobar in Days Bay or a restaurant of your choice.
#16 Janosh's Bio
Don’t let the last name confuse you as he has spent the majority of his life in Wellington after being born in Tennessee, USA. Although with his favourite food being pancakes, there may still be a bit of Americana left in him. Overall, he lives a relaxed lifestyle of kayaking, table tennis and pleasure walks. It is someone who smiles a great deal that is a prerequisite for this easygoing guy who complementarily notes his smile is his best feature. ‘Life is beautiful.’
#16 Janosh's Date
This date winner will be meeting Janosh at Queens Wharf mid-morning to take a double sea kayak out into the harbour to enjoy the cityscape from the water. After a bit of a paddle, you’ll return to the waterfront for a leisurely stroll and a light lunch enjoyed at one of the many cafe’s the ‘capital of cool’ has on offer.
#17 Matt's Bio

The ‘all around nice guy’ is how he can be best described. Presently he is in the market for someone who is easygoing, active, intelligent and not high maintenance. He definitely enjoys the outdoors and taking trips to Martinborough to escape the city life. On his menu of favourites is muesli mixed in with a bit of reggae and dub. Yet, don’t let us undersell this handsome bachelor and go find out more for yourself!
#17 Matt's Date

Try out the latest in cooking classes at Social Cooking near the waterfront where you get to be your own ‘MasterChef’ for one evening. The chefs on-site deliver a fun, up close, hands-on cooking class to motivate you to embrace home cooking; this along with a couple glasses of wine and you’ll be good to go.
#18 Tim's Bio
This bachelor’s hidden talent may be playing sweet sounds on the saxophone, but in the everyday journey he really enjoys cooking, going to a good gig and hanging out with friends. He describes himself as enthusiastic, thoughtful, caring and open minded. Of course being a lawyer (don’t hold it against him), he welcomes a good debate! He is looking for someone who knows what they want out of life and has the motivation to pursue such.
#18 Tim's Date

Tim loves animals if you do too
this could be the date for you
It will involve (as the best dates do)
visiting the wild and wonderful Wellington Zoo!

Enjoy a picnic in the sun with delicious food, wine, and conversation, followed by an enjoyable visit to Wellington Zoo!

Sponsored by: Kensington Swan
#19 Andrew's Bio
Here is a guy that is not afraid to get his hands dirty where work is involved. He prides himself on getting the job done and then having some fun. That is if fun comes in the form of laughing, dancing and giving anything a go at least once. Yet, he is mindful of taking everything in moderation with a focus having life balance. So if you enjoy Mexican burritos, Michael Jackson moves and making the most of the outdoors, you may just be the senorita for him.
#19 Andrew's Date

For the energetic, it is a biking adventure along the old Rimutaka Rail Trail that includes a pre-packed picnic dinner followed by some C-Rock dance lessons in the evening. A love of getting out and about is required.
#20 Brook's Bio
This Hawkes Bay ‘nice guy’ is just looking for the perfect woman. A tall order to fill? We would like to think not. So long as you are kind-hearted, enjoy movies, music and a party on the side, it shouldn’t be a problem. Among his taste in music, the list starts with LCD Soundsystem, MF Doom, Bob Dylan and The Shins. As a vegetarian, he enjoys all the good stuff like pizza, pasta and stir-frys, so no need to deprive yourself of eating when dining with this guy.
#20 Brook's Date

Have a bit of fun paddle boating your way along the waterfront to work up an appetite for a few drinks and dinner at the well-loved Monsoon Poon.
#21 Chris's Bio
An adventurous spirit, he runs with scissors. He is someone who is self-sufficient, independent and most importantly honest. Originally from Palmy, he has enjoyed the last decade living in Welly. In his ’after work hours’ moments, he enjoys a bit of indoor soccer, running, movies and cooking. He is in search of someone with similar interests who doesn ’t sweat the small stuff and loves a bit of a laugh. Of course if you have great hair, a bonus in his books!
#21 Chris's Date

Keeping things classic and simple, this date will include a 3 course dinner at the iconic Hippopotamus Restaurant, which is truly one of Wellington’s finest restaurants.
#22 Pat's Bio

With a preference to be called Patty, this Dunedin native is keen on listening to ‘Rock baby, Rock!’ whether while working out or better yet at a music festival. He prides himself on his humour and charm. A cheese on toast kind of guy, he is just looking for someone to share the good times with or possibly his sandwich.
#22 Pat's Date

Be sure to choose wisely when looking at the concerts on offer this summer because this date winner will be rocking the night out seeing a local Wellington music gig of your choice.
#23 Karl's Bio

A combo of muso-sporto, this bachelor finds enjoyment in collecting and of course playing records, cricket and coaching. He is definitely a family and friends focused guy that likes to live in the now. Deeming his best feature are his ears, this may be useful in listening to his favourite — Jazz and Hip Hop? At the end of the day, all he asks for in a partner is someone happy, healthy and fun to be around.
#23 Karl's Date

Dinner for 2?

Somewhere new . . .
#24 Joe's Bio

If not behind the camera, then this bachelor enjoys watching a great film as a way to escape the day. Besides being a bit of a photog and traveller, he really enjoys music, specifically 80s inspired synth pop, electronic, baroque pop and alternative rock. Overall this outgoing, energetic lad with great eyes and a great smile is looking for fun. So, are you ready for the good times?
#24 Joe's Date

For those after eye candy, this hot date will start with a free topless car wash. Then it’s off for a casual fish and chips meal on the beach.