About Men In The City

Men in the City 2013

Moving from New Zealand to Detroit, we plan to take the 2014 event calendar by storm with this international event.

What is 'Men in the City' you may ask? It is a formal event for females to show-off their best cocktail dress, while mingling with handsome bachelors who create individually designed dates to be raffled off. (yes, actual predetermined dates revealed in the event program).

One couple is engaged and a few of the couples are still together from past years. Here is hoping we have another success story from one of our bachelors in 2014!


How to Get a Guy


  1. There is no bidding involved. If you want to win the date with one of our bachelors then you need to place a raffle ticket in their box and be the lucky lady drawn at random once entries close at 10.45pm.

  2. You have 1 free raffle ticket that you are given upon entry and additional raffle tickets can be purchased from the ticket sellers throughout the venue. Debit and Credit Card is accepted by staff selling raffle tickets. Cash is preferred.

  3. Take note of the bachelors name and number from the programme and be sure you put your raffle ticket in the correct box to win their date listed in this programme. NB: The bachelor will be given the names and numbers of all the ladies who enter their raffle ticket into his allocated box to contact post-event, so it's a win-win.

  4. Raffle entries close promptly at 10.45pm. After this the winning entry will be drawn at random and the date winner announced.

NB: Each bachelor has been given 5 individualised raffle tickets for his personal use. If you make a special impression on him then he may give you one of these tickets that can only be used in his raffle. Of course, the more entries you have the more chance you have of winning, so don't be shy.



Winner in the Silent Auction

As well as the chance to win a date there are a number of great silent auction items up for grabs on the night, especially for those females who are coming to support their single friend(s) and not win a date. To win these prizes you must:

  1. Find the appropriate entry sheet for the silent auction item; these will be located in and around the bachelor raffle boxes.

  2. There is a minimum bid for each item as listed on the entry sheet that must be met. If you place the highest bid for the item you will win it. It's that easy.

  3. Silent Auction entries close promptly at 10.45pm.

  4. Pay for item won in full by cash, credit or debit in the silent auction area.

If you have any questions at the event, please ask the Men in the City staff located near the auction items. Happy bidding!

NB: If you or your company is interested in getting on board for 'Men in the City' 2014 by becoming a sponsor, as a volunteer or by donating products for our silent auction on the night, please get in touch today or complete the following Sponsorship Form.